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Publishing activities

AQUATIKA – KARLOVAC FRESHWATER AQUARIUM is always working to stimulate its visitors to read, and to care for the environment and the local community. Our publications are available in the Aquatika gift shop or by order, and also in select book shops and souvenir shops.

This book is intended for all nature lovers, from children and youth, to experts and scientists. The book combines the author’s love and vast knowledge about rivers and fishes, with the occasional poem.

With its contemporary architecture and computer-operated aquarium technology, Aquatika resembles a spaceship from a science fiction novel. Therefore, it seemed logical to begin writing this book with the Big Bang, which created the universe and all the particles in it. Those same particles have created stars, the Earth we walk upon, the rain that falls and the rivers that run. They also created the fish, which this book is primarily about. The first part is directed at the general ecological of the terrestrial waters, while the second pertains to the basic anatomy of fish. The book is written in an educational way, that is easy to understand for the reader. It illustrates the zonation of flowing rivers based on the dominant fish species present in each part, with descriptions of the typical species living in each zone. These descriptions are in no way dry, but instead provide interesting details about every species, accompanied by wonderful illustrations and photographs. The final chapter outlines the somewhat controversial topics of catch and release fisheries and whether fish feel pain. There have been wide-reaching scientific, professional and philosophical debates on these topics. The book ends with a glossary of important terms and an overview of the relevant literature.

The book is available for sale in the Aquatika gift shop or by ordering at a price of 19,91€ (150kn).

This book is available in Croatian (2018, ISBN: 978-953-59513-3-9) and English (2019, ISBN: 978-953-59513-5-3).

  • A first for Aquatika
  • The educational colouring book Slatkovodne ribe Hrvatske [Freshwater Fish of Aquatika] by Maja Spoja  and Ivana Francišković Olrom aims to bring the world of freshwater fish closer to children and adults
  • This is both a colouring book and an educational storybook, teaching children about the characteristics of fish species
  • The illustrations are realistic and stimulating, following the river as it flows from the source to the mouth, together with the characteristic plant and animal species
  • The colouring book contains original photographs of fishes in the form of stickers that are placed on every page to get a realistic idea of the freshwater fish species

Available only in Croatian.

Edition: 2017

ISBN: 978-953-59513-1-5

  • Published by Aquatika
  • The picture book Tamo negdje, ispod vode [Out there somewhere, under the water] is a story that came to be through the collaboration of the author with choreographer Melita Spahić while preparing a play at Aquatika
  • This is a fun story about the efforts of an ordinary chub Nikola as he tries to approach the very cool pike Frida
  • This is a story about friendship, understanding and the courage to be yourself
  • The picture book was illustrated by Karlovac native Gordana Ivković, who has been developing the Smotanci book series with Ivana for the past seven years. Together they recently launched their own publishing company, Naklada Šumek

Available only in Croatian.

Edition: 2017

ISBN: 978-953-59513-0-8

  • Published by Aquatika, written by Jelena Shaughnessy and illustrated by Mateja Boljar
  • A unique collection of riddles that presents the interesting side of river animals in a unique way, with soft illustrations
  • This picture book is intended above all for children, but also for adults interested in the rich and diverse life in the rivers, and rhyming verses

Available in Croatian (2018; ISBN: 978-953-59513-4-6) and English (2019; ISBN: 978-953-59513-6-0)

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