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Terms of use

You are currently on the website: During your use of this website, the following terms of use shall apply. AQUATIKA considers that all users of this website are fully aware of the terms of use and that they fully understand and accept them, at all times. The AQUATIKA website also includes all associated sites that belong to the domain:

AQUATIKA retains the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time without prior announcement, and will not be held responsible for any consequences ensuing from such changes. By using the website you consent to the terms of use, the privacy rules and cookie policy.

The purpose of the website on the domain is to present the Public institution AQUATIKA – KARLOVAC FRESHWATER AQUARIUM.

AQUATIKA fully waives all responsibility related in any way to the use of this website by the users, either through use or abuse of the content, and for any damages that may be incurred to the users or any third part with regard to the use or abuse of the content of this site.

AQUATIKA aims to reduce technical errors during the use of the website, but cannot guarantee that all functionalities will always be available and will not be held accountable for any possible site inaccessibility.

AQUATIKA is not responsible for the content or availability of other sites linked to this site. Documents, photographs, data, information or any other part of the content published on the website may not be reproduced, distributed or used for commercial purposes in any way. It is permitted to place a link to the AQUATIKA website or its integral parts on other websites.

Data on products and services, and all other information released on the website are considered accurate and reliable at the time of their release; however, AQUATIKA and the website cannot guarantee the accuracy, truth or reliable of any data stored on this website.


AQUATIKA owns the copyright to its own content (text, images, visual and audio materials, databases, program code) on the website Unauthorised use of any part of this website shall be considered a copyright violation without the right holder’s consent (Public Institution AQUATIKA- KARLOVAC FRESHWATER AQUARIUM).

If you believe that AQUATIKA has violated your copyrights, the case will be considered immediately and the content in question removed instantly upon establishing that the complaint is founded. In the event of an unintentional error, AQUATIKA sincerely apologises to the damaged party for the error.

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