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Rules of conduct

  • be quiet to avoid disturbing other visitors and to hear the sounds of nature
  • no food or beverages are allowed in the aquarium exhibition area
  • no pets are allowed in the aquarium exhibition area
  • no roller skates or the like are permitted in the aquarium
  • no smoking is permitted inside the aquarium
  • do not feed fish or throw anything into the water
  • do not climb or jump on the artificial rocks
  • do not touch or knock on the aquarium glass
  • photos are permitted only with the flash OFF
  • all trash must be put in the bins
  • be careful if the floor is wet and slippery

The rules of conducts are available at the following link here


The entire premises are under video surveillance. Those who do not comply with given directions and behave inappropriately will be asked to leave Aquatika.

Enjoy visiting this water world and consider how important protecting our rivers is.

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