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Souvenir shop

The souvenir shop of the Public institution AQUATIKA- KARLOVAC FRESHWATER AQUARIUM offers authentic souvenirs from the Karlovac region, handmade by local suppliers in limited editions exclusively for the aquarium. Local artists, potters, photographs, designers, craftsmen and artisans have all offered their most creative works for the aquarium visitors.

Here visitors can also find typical local products, such as honey and a wide range of liqueurs produced on family farms in Karlovac County. There is a wealth of books about Karlovac and its four rivers, about fish and biology, and picture books and colouring books for children. There is something for everyone at the souvenir shop, either for yourself or as a gift.

We are proud to offer Aquatika’s own publications:

  • The book Slatkovodne ribe Aquatike by Dr. Goran Jakšić [in Croatian]
  • The book Freshwater Fish of Aquatika by Dr. Goran Jakšić [in English]
  • Colouring book Slatkovodne ribe Hrvatske by Maja Spoja and Ivana Francišković Olrom
  • Picture book Tamo negdje, ispod vode by Ivana Francišković Olrom [in Croatian]
  • Picture book / book of riddles Riječne zagonetke by Jelena Shaughnessy [in Croatian]
  • Picture book / book of riddles River Riddles by Jelena Shaughnessy [in English]
  • Picture book Riblje putovanje kroz prošlost grada Karlovca by Amelia Ambruš [in Croatian].

Find out more about these titles at the link here.

In our Gallery you can see a preview of some of our unique souvenirs.

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