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IQM pass Visit Karlovac in AQUATIKA

IQM pass Visit Karlovac is a continuation of the project IQM Destination Karlovac – quality management in the destination.

By purchasing this card, visitors get a discount in accommodation facilities, attractions, restaurants, local producers, souvenir shops, travel agencies and other participans in Karlovac.

IQM pass Visit Karlovac is a tool „Experience more, save more!“ and enables the strongest form of networking of the participants’ offer in the destination, additional promotion, highlighting the quality of the participants’ offer and price management in the destination. Special promotions and discounts that are realized through the IQM pass are up to 30%.

For guests, this way of promoting the destination encourages the extension of stay and additional experience in all segments of Karlovac, and encourages participants to excellence. In addition, IQM Pass Visit Karlovac can be an ideal gift for loyal guests and business partners for whom we want to experience more of our city, through the Loyalty program.


IQM pass Visit Karlovac works online. Links can be found on the website of the Tourist Board of the City of Karlovac as well as on the website of the participants in the project. The user can purchase an IQM pass for 1 or more people, for 1, 3, 7 and 14 days. Upon purchase, the guest receives his IQM pass to the e-mail address, and should show it at the time of booking or at the facility of the partner where he wants to get a discount.

In Aquatika – freshwater aquarium Karlovac you get a 20% discount on ticket prices for the aquarium and 10% on the purchase of unique souvenirs, the purchase of which encourages the work of small craftsmen, artists, local crafts and family farms of our county.

IQM pass Visit Karlovac is an activity that is fully funded by Feel IQM d.o.o. Đurđica Šimičić, Anamarija Cicarelli, Pero Matić devised a concept in line with the needs of destinations, and is a continuation of the project of integrated quality management in the destination – IQM Destination KARLOVAC. Through the IQM Pass, various ideas and reasons for coming to Karlovac are created, such as Trip Planner. The proposals are segmented and tailored to guests who will visit Karlovac.

IQM Pass is a project that is implemented at the national level; Visit Lošinj, Visit Vodice, Lika destination, Visit Karlovac, Visit Golden Slavonia.

You can explore the IQM pass Visit Karlovac offer at the link HERE.

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